Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jen Conlin Head coach of Potomac Crossfit.
"As a Native of upstate NY, I grew up in the great outdoors. Being active and involved with sports has always been my passion. Cycling, soccer and ice hockey and just playing in whatever environment I’m in has added adventure to my life. I’ve always been a person to push myself and find joy in doing so. My focus is to create an environment where people can achieve goals and feel accomplished. As an ER technician I see people of all walks of life struggling to get well. Being a Crossfit Coach puts me on the other side of the fence where I can practice preventative medicine. It also allows me to show others how to dig deep and push their limits."
“I never met a truly strong person who didn’t have self respect…Strength reveals itself through character” -Henry Rollins-

Brian Wilson is also Part owner and a Crossfit Coach at Potomac Crossfit.

"I was a Division I baseball player in college that transitioned into a triathlete/marathoner/adventure racer. As the time and expense continued to grow with these hobbies, it butted up against my career as a Marine Corps Officer. So needed to shift gears and started into a more traditional body building approach that is pretty common in the military. The longer I stuck with this though, the further out of shape I became, no matter what the time commitment (or supplement dollars) I threw at it. After several years of this I was introduced to CrossFit and the addiction began. I’ve been CrossFitting fairly religiously throughout the last two years and after I got my LVL I Certification was completely committed to opening a box. So here we are, Potomac CrossFit."

Potomac Crossfit Of the Washington DC Metro area

Dan Hoffman is part owner and
Crossfit coach at Potomac Crossfit.

"I’ve always been fairly athletic, but I am not an elite athlete. I’ve always been intellectually curious, but I am rarely the smartest guy in the room. I started working out regularly (again) and with intensity during my 10 months in Iraq (I am a Naval Flight Officer). It was something I could do to briefly get away from the job. Also, I turned 30, and knew that the days of athletically getting by on my youth were over. At that time, I was not doing CrossFit, but I was building a good base doing diverse workouts (mainly to fight off boredom in the gym). When I got back from Iraq, Brian (Co-Owner, Naval Academy Classmate, 2000) kept hounding me to do CrossFit. I was skeptical - as I tend to be. It seemed like it was a little bit of smoke and mirrors - how could workouts so brief possibly train you for much longer endeavors? I actually gave CrossFit a chance as a way to conserve time. Since then, my perspective on CrossFit has completely changed. Bottom line, it works. I am in the best shape of life. No caveats. I do not dread workouts - I savor them. The diversity of the CrossFit program has me constantly learning - which I love. I believe in CrossFit and what it does enough to start a business in it. I believe in Brian and Jen (Co-Owner and Head Trainer) and who they are enough to start a business with them. Come check us out."