Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jen Conlin Head coach of Potomac Crossfit.
"As a Native of upstate NY, I grew up in the great outdoors. Being active and involved with sports has always been my passion. Cycling, soccer and ice hockey and just playing in whatever environment I’m in has added adventure to my life. I’ve always been a person to push myself and find joy in doing so. My focus is to create an environment where people can achieve goals and feel accomplished. As an ER technician I see people of all walks of life struggling to get well. Being a Crossfit Coach puts me on the other side of the fence where I can practice preventative medicine. It also allows me to show others how to dig deep and push their limits."
“I never met a truly strong person who didn’t have self respect…Strength reveals itself through character” -Henry Rollins-

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