Thursday, June 12, 2008

Brian Wilson is also Part owner and a Crossfit Coach at Potomac Crossfit.

"I was a Division I baseball player in college that transitioned into a triathlete/marathoner/adventure racer. As the time and expense continued to grow with these hobbies, it butted up against my career as a Marine Corps Officer. So needed to shift gears and started into a more traditional body building approach that is pretty common in the military. The longer I stuck with this though, the further out of shape I became, no matter what the time commitment (or supplement dollars) I threw at it. After several years of this I was introduced to CrossFit and the addiction began. I’ve been CrossFitting fairly religiously throughout the last two years and after I got my LVL I Certification was completely committed to opening a box. So here we are, Potomac CrossFit."

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